Car insurance companies say police not tackling crime

With the number of ‘smash and grab’ car theft instances on the rise, car insurance companies have leveled accusations at police for not doing enough to tackle the violent crime.

Some of the best car insurance providers in the UK are reporting higher instances of vehicle thefts while the owner is still inside the car.  With it becoming harder and harder to circumvent such security devices such as alarms while trying to steal from unattended cars, motor car insurance companies are saying that criminals are becoming bolder, darting in to traumatise motorists stopped in queues or at traffic lights by smashing a window and then making off whatever they can wrap their hands around.

Cheap car insurance providers say that this type of crime has been on the rise, with smash and grab instances growing more than eight times over the past few years.  Now, these insurers are stating that police are neglecting to take steps to effectively combat this rising menace, according to recently released research findings, with nearly 8 out of every 10 respondents believing that police have less interest in car crime prevention than they do in catching speeding driers.

The report claims that attacks on drivers have increased at an alarming rate, now accounting for approximately one out of every 12 incidents.  One spokesperson commented that while car crime figures may be on the decline overall, but criminals are demonstrating more and more boldness, targeting the portable technology of the day – such as mobile phones, notebook computers, and satnavs – as these items are usually unsecured in and within easy reach.

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