No higher car insurance rates for fitting winter tyres

Unlike last year, there will be no instances of motorists being charged higher car insurance rates for fitting their vehicles with winter tyres, the Association of British Insurers recently said.

Around 90 per cent of the nation’s providers of discount car insurance quotes are members of the ABI, and all the car insurance companies that are associated with the industry body have come out in confirmation that, as long as they are up to standard, winter tyres will not be the cause of any additional premiums.  The general insurance director of the ABI, Nick Starling, remarked that the insurance industry has no intention of penalising drivers who take steps to improve their own safety during the winter months by fitting winter tyres.

As cold weather came early last year, customers faced some uncertainty in regards to the implications to their insurance premiums for fitting their vehicles with winter tyres.  However, Mr Starling said that this uncertainty is a thing of the past, as far as ABI member insurers is concerned, and motorists can rest assured that they will not face penalties for taking action to be safer on the road.

In order to make things easier for motorists, the ABI has come out with a list of car insurance companies and how their winter tyre policies differ from one another.  Not one of the insurance providers on this new list will charge extra premiums due to a customer fitting winter tyres, as long as these tyres meet the specifications for that vehicle, are fitted properly, and are in a roadworthy condition, according to the information presented in the list.

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