Motor car insurance firm says parents driving dangerously

One motor car insurance firm has said that the nation’s parents are driving much too dangerously while taking their children to school in an attempt to get their offspring there in time, according to recently revealed research findings.

The Post Office’s discount car insurance division found that one-half of all parents polled by their research study admitted that they will rush in order to make sure their children arrive at school on time, with one out of every three stating that, despite this, their children are late once a week at the very least.  The direct car insurance provider also found that more than 50 per cent of survey respondents will neglect their children’s school items, such as gym kit or book bags, in their rush to beat the clock.

Fathers seem to be more likely to drive dangerously than mothers, with only 20 per cent of mums speeding on their way to school, as compared to one out of every three dads.  Around 15 per cent of survey respondents admitted to not stopping at red lights and running amber ones, while 13 per cent would park their cars illegally in order to unload their young charges in time for the bell.

However, the most worrisome trend discovered by the survey was that 8 per cent of parents neglect to fasten their seatbelts in their mad rush to get the kids off to school in time.  Even worse, these same parents will forget to check on whether their children had their belts fastened as well, despite the fact that children will spend 20 minutes of every day in one of the most dangerous times to be in a car in regards to accident occurrences.

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