Fit cars with snow tyres, says discount car insurance firm

One leading provider of discount car insurance quotes has advised their customers to fit their cars with snow tyres in preparation for what could very well be another brutally cold winter.

Motor car insurance company Aviva’s senior motor underwriter, Nigel Bartram, recently said that too many motorists will not consider using snow tyres, despite the fact that doing so could result in their cars becoming significantly safer in snowy and icy conditions.  Mr Bartram said that winter tyres, while not exactly foolproof, will still provide better traction in adverse weather conditions than regular ones.

Winter tyres need to be seriously considered by Aviva’s customers, the underwriter said, as they’re not just for ice and snow, but for are specially designed to perform better when the temperature drops below seven degrees celsius.  Moreover, a motorist’s car insurance rates will not go up for fitting winter tyres, as they aren’t counted as modifications by insurers – and in fact Aviva says that its customers need not inform them if the decision to use the specialised tyres is made.

Despite the benefits of snow tyres, it seems that few Brits actively use them during the winter months.  According to a recent research study conducted by Manheim Auctions, only five per cent of motorists said that they intend to purchase a set of snow tyres over the next few weeks.

However, Brits seem to be even more woefully unprepared for another snowy winter, as according to the research results, only 21 per cent of the survey’s respondents said they habitually keep a shovel in their vehicle once the weather turns cold.

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