Car insurance companies warn against rapid de-icing

With the winter weather beginning to grip the nation once more, car insurance companies have issued a warning against de-icing cars too rapidly, as doing so can result in sometimes severe damage to vehicle windscreens – sometimes to the point of these windscreens needing to be fully replaced.

Impatient motor car insurance customers have been disregarding the safe and proven methods for removing ice and frost from their vehicle windows, such as simply letting the blowers do their work, or using an ice scraper.  Instead, motorists have been increasingly using one method that has been linked to a sharp increase in the number of cracked windscreens, which involves boiling water and then pouring it over the vehicle.

Boiling water does indeed remove ice and frost quite rapidly.  However, despite how much speedier this method may be, it can also cause serious damage to window glass, and this is backed up by discount car insurance auto-glazers, who reported instances of being called out nearly 75 per cent more often during December and January, which are typically the coldest months of the year.

One industry expert said that many drivers seem not to realise that windscreens can crack quite easily if they have any chips or damage, especially when subjected to the kinds of extreme heat differences caused by pouring boiling water over frozen glass.  A kettle full of boiling water, while quite a tempting option if you’re looking to save time when de-icing your car, should never be used, the expert said, instead insisting that drivers need to simply take the extra five minutes and do it safely and properly.

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