Real action needed on car insurance rates in NI, says MP

‘Real action’ is sorely needed on massive increases to Northern Ireland’s car insurance rates, according to a statement recently made by Sammy Wilson, MP for East Antrim.

Mr Wilson spoke the comments in a debate in the House of Commons, remarking that the issue of high motor car insurance premiums has been raised more and more by his constituents as of late.  A number of steps needed to be taken in order for those living in the province to see cheaper car insurance, he also said, stating that one of the primary drivers of high rates is how car insurance companies handle car insurance claims.

Mr Wilson accused insurers of rolling over and paying out oftentimes if a claim does not rise to a certain value.  However, providers need to fight more of these claims instead, the MP said, thus forcing claimants to prove the validity of their payouts.

Mr Wilson also attacked the fixed penalties for being caught driving while uninsured.  As uninsured motorists are responsible for an estimated additional £30 tacked on to the premiums of honest drivers to compensate, these fixed penalties need to be raised in order to act as deterrent to repeat offenders – as the £200 minimum fine is much less expensive as taking out even discount car insurance.

Constituents in Northern Ireland face massive premium prices than the rest of the UK, said the East Antrim MP.  One reason can be attributed to less competition in the province, something that the Office of Fair Trading and the Department for Business Innovation must address, Mr Wilson also took the time to say during his comments in the parliamentary debate.

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