Motor car insurance dodgers need to be punished harder

Motor car insurance dodgers need to be punished more harshly than they are currently, as their actions add about £30 to the car insurance rates of honest motorists, according to AA Insurance director, Simon Douglas.

The discount car insurance director recently expressed his concerns in regards to the fact that motorists driving without insurance are responsible for a significant number of road traffic accidents on a yearly basis, resulting in around 23,000 injuries and approximately 160 fatalities.  Moreover, there are far more uninsured motorists in the UK than there are in the lion’s share of other countries in Europe, such as Germany, which only has one out of every 500 drivers getting behind the wheel without proper insurance cover – while UK figures indicate that one out of 25 British motorists drive while uninsured.

Honest motorists are being let down by such lenient penalties, observed Mr Douglas, who said that it was key in his view to get the message out to what he called the ‘motoring underclass’ in the UK.  More importantly, the family members and friends of these uninsured motorists need to be told that getting behind the wheel without insurance is no longer socially acceptable in order to put more pressure on these irresponsible drivers.

The AA Insurance director said that Brits need to be stopped well before they slip behind the wheel of a car that has no insurance, in order to better manage the risk of injuring or killing other Brits who share the road.  The average fines for being caught out without proper insurance are around £200 on average, even though the maximum fine available to the courts is £5,000, Mr Douglas pointed out.

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