Uninsured motorists not fined harshly enough, says AA

Uninsured motorists are not being fined harshly enough when caught driving without motor car insurance, the AA recently said.

The motoring organisation warned that there is too much leniency in regards to the severity of fines levied against irresponsible motorists that can’t be bothered to secure even discount car insurance before getting behind the wheel.  Laws need to be stricter and penalty fees higher in order to act as a stronger deterrent to the dangerous behaviour, the AA added.

The AA’s direct car insurance division wants greater disincentives to discourage repeat offenders in the wake of a written parliamentary answer that revealed fines are quite often not nearly as much as the fixed penalty notice for a given offence.  Honest motorists are outraged by the £200 average fine levied against uninsured drivers, especially for those who have been subject to driving misdemeanours.

AA Insurance director, Simon Douglas, said that he felt the UK needs to be much harder on those who are unrepentant uninsured drivers, as the average Brit most likely views a £200 fine as insultingly low.  While the penalty – and the six licence points for being caught driving whilst uninsured  – is present, it can barely be seen as discouraging when the price of a typical car insurance premium for drivers between the ages of 17 and 22 can be upwards of £2,500.

Uninsured motorists should instead be responsible for paying fees approximately what it would have cost to secure adequate cover instead, said Mr Douglas.  These irresponsible motorists should also be subject to a punitive fine to discourage them from continuing with their ways, he added.

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