Aviva finds men dive women mad while they’re behind the wheel

According to recently released research from one discount car insurance provider, more than half of the country’s female motorists are driven mad by their male partners while trying to navigate British roadways.

53 per cent of female motor car insurance customers admitted that they feel stressed out or nervous while driving about with their boyfriend or husband in the passenger seat, according to discount car insurance provider Aviva’s study findings.  The study suggested this may be because one out of every five men feel that the driving ability of their partner is less than their own skill.

However, a significant number of men did not feel the same way once the roles were reversed. In fact, only 41 per cent of male drivers said that having their wife or girlfriend in the car with them had an affect on their driving – though 10 per cent did reveal that having them present actually turned them into more careful drivers.

These survey results may be indicating reduced levels of confidence in female motorists. Only one out of every ten female respondents indicated that they always drive, while the figure for their male counterparts was much higher at 43 per cent.

Aviva made the recommendation to the nation’s motorists to give each other a turn behind the wheel.  This will ensure that both the male and the female driver have familiarity with the vehicle and will have enough confidence to avoid the kind of mistakes that could result in road traffic accidents.

In related news, it was found earlier in November that around 31 per cent of drivers have been distracted by squabbling children in the back seat of their vehicles.

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