Brits cut motor car insurance costs, drive poorly maintained cars

In an effort to more closely manage the costs of motoring such as the price of petrol and motor car insurance, many Brits may be putting off providing their vehicles with the necessary regular maintenance to keep their cars in safe working order, one survey recently said.

Cheap car insurance is getting harder and harder to find in the current economic reality in which Brits are living in.  This means that as many as one out of every three car owners could be postponing non-essential maintenance or repairs on their vehicles so they can afford to keep them on the road, the research study said, but this could spell disaster as harsh winter weather is rapidly approaching.

Around 60 per cent of motorists neglect to check their tyres regularly, the survey discovered.  More worrying was that even more survey respondents don’t keep an eye on their brakes, with 8 out of 10 surveyed reported to neglecting this important piece of maintenance as well.

However, the worst bit of news was that a number of people can’t be bothered to replace worn tyres and brake pads, even if they do check them regularly.  This is a potential recipe for disaster, car insurance companies say, as doing so could lead to accidents caused by snowy or icy conditions – and on top of that, it’s illegal as well.

Drivers are also paring back the amount of cover they have on their insurance policies as well in an effort to save money, with 10 per cent switching to third party, fire, and theft from comprehensive, or dropping certain facets of their cover such as roadside assistance.  Some have even gone so far as to commit a crime by choosing to drive without insurance altogether, the survey also found.

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