Car insurance comparison site stirs up age-old debate

One car insurance comparison site has chosen to once more stir up an age-old debate regarding the conflict between motorists and cyclists on roadways in the UK.

Road Safety Week is in full swing, and online car insurance comparison website has stirred things up by conducting a research study throughout the past month in order to determine what infuriates drivers and cyclists and ways to make things better between the two groups.  The provider of discount car insurance quotes polled 1,000 drivers and cyclists each, publishing their findings – and coming down decisively on the side of their four-wheeled customers.

According to, ‘cycle rage’ is gripping the country, with so called ‘cyclo-paths’ plaguing the nation’s roads throwing ‘two-wheel tantrums,’ with 25 per cent of drivers saying that cyclists should be responsible for paying road tax,  despite the fact that ‘road’ taxes that drivers pay are in actuality a vehicle tax – with general taxation going towards paying for roadways in the UK.  Bikebiz editor and ipayroadtax blog creator, Carlton Reid, said the car insurance comparison site is aptly named, stating that since drivers haven’t paid a strict ‘road tax’ in over 70 years, ‘Confused’ is quite right.

Mr Reid added that motoring organisations such as the AA and the Post Office more accurately call the tax ‘car tax,’ which connotes that cyclists have just as much claim to the road as motorists do, as they pay the same taxes as those with four-wheeled vehicles.  This has done little to defuse anger and frustration on the road, however, as the survey found that more than 2,670 tweets on social media microblogging site Twitter mentioned ‘cyclist’ and ‘road rage’ in the same sentence over the past nine months.

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