ABI outlines new priorities on motor car insurance

The Association of British Insurers has recently outlined a handful of new priorities regarding motor car insurance, with improving safety for young drivers at the top of that list.

The ABI, the industry body that represents car insurance companies in the UK, wants to reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths suffered by younger motorists in order to make discount car insurance for young drivers more accessible.  Director general for the ABI, Otto Thoresen, spoke at a recent conference for the organisation, remarking that insurance providers remain committed to providing the best car insurance they can for their customers, as the UK has some of the busiest roadways worldwide.

One tactic the ABI is adopting for providing the best deals is to improve the safety of younger motorists, said Mr Thoresen, as this class of drivers make up more than their fair share of injuries and fatalities behind the wheel.  The ABI has called for steps to be taken to reduce the tragedy in the past, such as calling for a minimum learning period half a decade ago, but despite this, the director general said that an average of 18 younger motorists are seriously injured or killed every day on British roads.

Many insurers have taken up the banner of safer driving through the use of ‘black box’ telematics technology in order to encourage young drivers by offering cheaper rates for driving safely.  However, the insurance industry cannot reduce fatalities and serious injuries unaided, added Mr Thoresen, who called upon the Government for help in tackling the issue by taking stronger measures such as night and early hours driving restrictions, graduated licencing, and zero tolerance limits for drivers under the age of 25 caught drink driving.

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