Need to compare car insurance? There’s an app for that

For motorists who need to compare car insurance quotes, there’s now a way to do it on the go, thanks to a new free iPhone app provided by a leading car insurance comparison site.

One of the best ways to find discount car insurance quotes has been to use a comparison website, as it allows motorists to shop around for the best deal quickly and easily.  Now, you don’t even need your computer anymore, thanks to a leading comparison site offering its new mobile application for free through the UK Apple Store.

The app offers users the ability to either purchase directly from your iPhone or, with one simple click, to call a chosen insurer to discuss the price quote with a representative.  In the event that a user loses their connection in the middle of the process, the app has the ability to not only retain personal details about the customer but to also remember how far they’ve progressed through the application process in order to save time and eliminate frustration.

The comparison site has also optimised their regular website as well, offering a mobile version to its customers who use a smartphone to access it.  Likewise  the site has overhauled their email communications to those using mobile devices as well, integrating many of the features of the app into emails sent to smartphones.

One spokesperson for the site remarked that the launch of its new mobile application is groundbreaking for the comparison site industry, offering a substantial leap forward for its customers by enabling them to save big on their insurance premium prices.  The comparison site hopes that the industry will adopt the new standard they’re setting and begin providing support to customers who wish to purchase their policies while they’re out in the world taking care of their day-to-day concerns.

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