Car insurance companies must reduce premiums, MP says

One MP has recently gone on record by stating that car insurance companies must do more to reduce their customers’ car insurance rates by contesting car accident claims with more rigor.

DUP representative Sammy Wilson spoke out in the wake of a Parliamentary debate on the issue of rising motoring costs, taking time to also demand that motorists driving without even discount car insurance should be facing steeper penalties.  Mr Wilson remarked that his constituents in East Antrim have serious concerns about soaring insurance prices, something he has made the Commons aware of quite pointedly.

Several steps must be taken in order for the country to see lowered premium prices, the MP said.  First among these, Mr Wilson continued, was that insurers have to be more rigorous when they handle car accident claims involving personal injury.

Mr Wilson said that insurers will quite often simply pay out if claims are below a certain threshold.  However, the MP said that insurance providers need to fight a larger number of these claims instead of just rolling over and thus force people to prove that they are actually as injured as they say they are.

The MP also said that the Government needs to toughen its stance on those who choose to get behind the wheel without being properly insured.  Uninsured motorists add an estimated £30 to the insurance premiums of honest drivers throughout the UK, and with the current fixed penalties range from £200 to £5,000, it’s quite often more cost-effective for people to be caught than it is for them to purchase car cover, prompting Mr Wilson to call for these fixed penalties to be increased to act as more of a deterrent.

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