Motor car insurance customers lose out in short journeys

Motor car insurance customers have been losing out in the short term, as new research has been revealed that short, half-mile journeys cost motorists more than £1 million every week.

Nearly one out of every three motorists have admitted to making weekly journeys by car of one-half a mile or less, leading to feelings of guilt as they use up the expensive petrol in their vehicles.  Much like car insurance rates, fuel costs have continued to spiral, with estimates of £1.1 million being spent collectively every week in short, petrol-burning journeys – and with the price of fuel possibly heading towards 145p a litre by summer of 2012, things could very quickly get much worse.

As it stands now, the year’s record high for petrol was recorded at just above 137p per litre for unleaded.  In addition, the possibility for prices to go even higher is all too real, RMI Petrol chairman, Brian Madderson said.

Despite the rising petrol costs, around 58 million motorists persist in making journeys of 0.5 miles or less every year.  These journeys impact both the environment and their own finances, yet only 35 per cent reported feeling any guilt for their actions.

One industry expert remarked that many drivers are all too easily tempted to use their car to make journeys that would only take a quarter of an hour – or less – by foot, despite spiraling fuel costs.  As the weather gets colder and the evenings draw in, the expert predicted this behaviour will become even more pronounced, though he did add that those who live in urban areas have little excuse, unlike those who live in the countryside.

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