Car insurance companies rallying around Road Safety Week

Another year has gone by, and Road Safety Week is yet again on the calendar, prompting car insurance companies to once more get behind the event to urge motor car insurance policyholders to drive safely.

The largest road safety event in the nation, Road Safety has traditionally involved local UK communities and is coordinated by Britain’s leading road safety charity, Brake.  This year, the event begins November 21 and will go until the 27th.

With road traffic accidents the single largest cause of death for younger Brits – especially young men, according to Brake – providers of discount car insurance for young drivers are especially encouraging people to be more careful on the road.  This is reflected in the ‘Too Young To Die’ theme adopted by Road Safety Week this year, accompanied by an extensive media campaign in order to bring awareness to the issue.

There may be some help on the way from a surprising source: insurers that use telematics to provide insurance cover to their customers.  As the use of the technology, which records motorist performance whilst behind the wheel, may have positive consequences for drivers looking to get the best deals, as it encourages safer, more responsible driving.

Meanwhile, telematics could end up saving lives even beyond preventative measures.  Many devices have the ability to detect whether a vehicle has been involved in a road traffic accident, automatically triggering emergency services and relaying the information to rescue workers directly.

Younger male motorists are statistically more likely to have some involvement in accidents than any other type of driver.  However, with the use of telematics, this could possibly change, leading to not only lowered accident statistics but also cheaper car insurance for this harried class of motorists, provided they give it a go and try to alter their driving habits.

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