Vandalism causes £950m of damage annually, says LV=

One provider of discount car insurance quotes recently said that car vandalism causes in excess of £950 million in damage to cars in the UK on an annual basis, with 10 per cent of motor car insurance policyholders victimised by the crime in the last 12 months alone.

More than 50 per cent of all motorists in the UK admit to having their car vandalised sometime in the past, and one out of every four has been affected multiple times, according to the survey conducted by insurance provider LV=. The provider of discount car insurance also found that convertible cars are two times as likely to be targeted.

Motorists residing in Enfield were warned to be especially vigilant, after the region was identified as the worst for vandalism.  However, tourist centres Brighton and Bournemouth were also found to feature quite prominently on the list of places most often vandalised.

The most prevalent tactic employed by vandals is ‘keying,’ which is when a sharp object, such as a car key, is used to scratch a car.  Smashing mirrors and windows were the next most often encountered instance of vandalism, with stolen badges, graffiti, slashed tyres, and bent antennas also featuring prominently as well.

The majority of motorists have fears that their car will end up a target of vandalism.  The average cost to fix such damage was found to be around £260, but slightly less than 50 per cent of those victimised will not make a police report because of a lack of evidence or a lack of a desire to make a fuss, the survey conducted by LV= also discovered.

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