Direct car insurance firm announces new Premier products

One direct car insurance firm has made the announcement it is launching a new Premier line of offerings for motorbike and motor car insurance policyholders.

Cheap car insurance provider Hastings Direct announced the news, stating that the policies will make extra benefits available to consumers while continuing to provide savings of as much as 33 per cent.  Premier customers will be eligible for free courtesy cars when their primary vehicle is undergoing repairs, as well as as much as £100,000 in legal protection for no fault accidents and roadside breakdown cover, and in the event of being struck by an uninsured driver, Premier customers will retain their no claims discount and not have to pay an excess.

Hastings Direct is also offering their Premier service to motorbike owners as well.  Those insuring their motorcycles with the company will not only be covered for trips through the EU for as long as 90 days at a time but will also be covered for leathers and helmets and also gain legal protection as well, while no motorcycle riders with the cover will be responsible for paying an excess or risk their no claims bonus if involved in a collision with someone lacking insurance, much like Premier car insurance policyholders.

Hastings Direct is offering the cover either online or over the phone.  Offering pet, household, van, motorcycle, and car insurance, the company says that it gains a new insurance customer in the UK approximately every 41 seconds.

In related news, uninsured drivers have become a serious problem for policyholders and insurers alike, with car insurance companies stating that the average policy price increases by around £40 due to damage done by those driving without insurance.

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