Motor car insurance firm says children need to be safer

The nation’s children need to be safer and take steps to be more visible on British roadways, one motor car insurance provider recently said.

Cheap car insurance specialist Admiral recently surveyed 1,000 British children about their habits when it comes to road safety, and the insurer says its results were quite concerning.  Admiral found that only 48 per cent reported crossing the road in places that were well lit, only one out of four wear brightly coloured clothing, and just 33 per cent wear reflective clothing.

The discount car insurance provider was even more concerned to make the discovery that just 10 per cent take no extra precautions in regards to road awareness and safety when they’re out in the dark.  As if this wasn’t bad enough, 8 per cent of respondents said that they were distracted by listening to portable music players or talking on their phones while crossing, and 18 per cent when crossing the road neglect to follow the Green Cross Code.

Sue Longthorn, managing director for Admiral, remarked that it is incredibly important to have a heightened awareness of road safety as a pedestrian, especially as the days get shorter with the onset of winter.  Motorists have a harder time seeing pedestrians as the nights grow longer, but if these pedestrians neglect to take precautionary measures designed to increase their visibility, this makes the motorist’s job even more difficult, said the managing director.

In order to ensure their own safety, children need to follow the  Green Cross Code, switch off their mobile phones and iPods, and ensure that drivers can spot them easily when they’re crossing the road, Ms Longthorn also said.

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