New smartphone app to aid motor car insurance claimants

Motor car insurance claimants have a new weapon to turn to in their arsenal with the introduction of a new smartphone app enabling them to aid car insurance companies in collecting crucial accident details.

With the accident industry in the UK worth a reputed £3 billion every year, it has become the prime target of fraudsters looking to scam the nation’s discount car insurance providers.  The Government has been so concerned about the issue, as it can result in increased car insurance rates for honest drivers, that they have even gone so far as to ban referral fees in relation to car accident claims, and now an additional layer of help to beleaguered drivers has been launched in the form of the new iAccident smartphone app.

Users of the app will allow claimants to easily capture crucial information at the scene of an accident in order to not only validate their own legitimate claim but to also provide a measure of protection against criminals out to defraud both them and their insurer.  In order to allow insurers to distribute the app to its policyholders with their own marketing information, contact details, and branding, the creator of the mobile application, 2ergo, is making a white label version of it available.

The app, which is free to both use and to download, was built by 2ergo to be as user-friendly as it possibly can be.  Incorporating GPS functionality in order to record accurate accident data, the app records images that are all marked with the time and the geographical location, and reports are encrypted before being submitted to the central iAccident database.

Designed in such a way as to be of use to any driver, iAccident is completely compatible with all the systems used by every insurance provider currently offering cover in the UK.

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