Car insurance comparison site adds six new insurers

One up-and-coming car insurance comparison site has recently made the announcement that it has added six additional car insurance companies to its rapidly growing portfolio.

Supermarket giant Tesco’s discount car insurance comparison site already has many insurance providers available for customers to choose from, and with six more top name insurers, Brits looking for the best deals on their home or motor car insurance have even more options available to them.  Tesco unveiled the identity of some of its newest insurers, with names such as Swiftcover, Halifax, Lloyds, Elephant, and Bell named as the latest providers making their products available through the website.

A representative for the supermarket giant expressed their delight in welcoming the new insurers to their comparison site, stating that it will allow Tesco’s customers to shop around for the best cover from an even wider range of providers, aiding them in seeking out the insurance best suited for their budget and their motoring needs.  In addition to permitting its customers to run price comparisons for insurance quotes and presenting them with the cheapest prices at the top of the list, Tesco’s site also gives customers the option to see their quote results in relation to benefits and features according to their importance to the customer.

Industry experts said that, at the end of the day, including six additional car insurance companies in the supermarket giant’s comparison website will result in leading to better levels of service for its customers, since a wider range of insurance providers has a higher likelihood of leading to a more inexpensive annual premium for Brits on the hunt for the best deals.

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