Cheap car insurance quotes the most valued, poll says

Cheap car insurance quotes seem to be the most valued according to a recent research study, finding that 7 out of every 10 drivers in the UK believe that the most important factor in choosing a motor car insurance policy is getting the best price.

However, this may not be the path to the best car insurance for your needs, industry experts say.   With around 100 car insurance companies currently providing options for prospective customers, each and every one of these insurance providers offer differing levels of cover and protection – and experts say cut-rate insurance may not provide you the cover you need.

Some insurers will offer round the clock claims service, others will provide replacement vehicles if your vehicle needs to be taken off the road for repairs, while others include breakdown service.  The more bells and whistles a given policy has, the more expensive it will probably be, but because each insurer is different, drivers need to carefully check to ensure the cover they’re purchasing coincides with their needs.

It can be the worst kind of false economy to select an insurance policy simply because it costs the least amount of money, experts warn.  While it is true that rates have been rising steadily over the past few years, which makes it even harder for hard-pressed motorists to keep their cars on the road in the face of rising petrol prices, in the event of an unforeseen occurrence happening that isn’t covered under your cut-rate policy, you could end up paying big out of pocket for many thousands of pounds – and a slightly more expensive policy might have provided you cover for such an occurrence.

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