Accident figures rise, may impact car insurance rates

Cheap car insurance industry experts have said that the recently released figures from the Department of Transport, which show a 7 per cent increase in the number of fatalities on British roads during the first half of the year, may result in increased car insurance rates.

The first six months of the year saw a total of 940 fatalities occur on UK roads, say Department statistics.  This is close to 7 per cent more than those who lost their lives during the first half of 2010, when the death toll stood at 881.  Industry experts say that with a higher number of fatal accidents, insurance claims volume is sure to rise – and car insurance companies will have to raise premiums to pay for the new expense.

Many industry experts, upon learning of the heightened number of fatal accidents, have begun debating what could be making British roads that much more dangerous.  Some have made the suggestion that an additional number of vehicles on UK roadways could be behind the new figures, while others have pointed to the recession as the culprit, citing cuts in safety, road maintenance, and policing budgets.

The UK is one of the safest places to drive in Europe, according to historical analysis of accident and traffic situations across the continent.  However, road safety budget reductions could be threatening this road safety, and when coupled with the increased cost of petrol and insurance, which has left so many motorists struggling to make ends meet, the economic downturn seems to taking its toll on many different areas – and with no end in sight, many industry experts could not predict when things may begin to get better.

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