Speed cameras issue £3.1m in fines to drivers in the UK

Motor car insurance policyholders have been issued speeding fines to the value of £3.1 million by the busiest speed cameras in the UK, according to a recent freedom of information request.

A major British newspaper filed the request, discovering which speed cameras in the UK issue the most fines to motorists.  Drivers need to be aware, experts said, because too many fixed penalty notices can sometimes lead to more expensive car insurance rates, as drivers who demonstrate their lack of common sense by constantly being caught speeding are unlikely to be the favourites of car insurance companies.

The top of the list was found to be the southbound A1, where a temporary camera catches around 789 drivers exceeding the speed limit on any given month.  The results of this are £568,000 generated annually from penalties to drivers, who then need to pay £60 for every instance.

Another fixed camera in Portsmouth, on the A3 Anglesea Road, was found to be the second busiest with £539,000 generated in penalties from the average 537 drivers caught every month.  London’s A40 Western Avenue took the third place, fining nearly 500 lead-footed drivers £359,000 every year.

The amount of cash that speed cameras are generating simply can’t be justified, according to a spokesman from the Association of British Drivers, stating that cameras need to meet a stricter set of criteria in order to be fair.

Stating that speed cameras need to target areas with a large volume of speed-related incidents, the spokesman said that they are clearly revenue raisers unless it can be demonstrated that these top-earning areas have an excessive number of speed-related incidents.  The spokesperson said that there is just no way that generating half a million pounds from one solitary camera over a 12 month period could be justified.

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