Call centre staff gives bad advice, results in cover refusal

After a motor car insurance call centre gave one female driver bad advice, the woman was refused cover – simply because she re-painted her vehicle from blue to pink.

Tania Sansom is incensed after relying on incorrect advice from Tesco, her discount car insurance provider, who cancelled her policy after initially telling her she had permission to change the colour of her car.  Ms Sansom’s Citroen C3 is now more likely to attract trouble after she painted it ‘candyfloss pink,’ according to insurers.

The 27 year old woman said that she chose Tesco because it provided her the best car insurance she could afford after she purchased the car.  Ms Sansom made the decision to paint the car pink because it had always been her dream to have a pink vehicle ever since she was quite a young girl, and after explaining what she wanted to a Tesco call centre staff member, she was told that they would mark it down as a modification in her file and that she would feel free to do as she wished.

The North Tyneside native went ahead and did just that, going ahead with the repaint, only to later receive a call from her insurer telling her that the call centre staff member had mistakenly given her permission. Ms Sansom was told that, due to the new colour, her car had a greater chance of falling victim to vandalism now, though the woman argued that the chances of her getting into an accident have plummeted because of how noticeable her car is now.

When her insurer dropped her, Ms Sansom was refunded her premium price along with an additional £50 in compensation for the error, and has since found a new insurer, where she currently pays a monthly premium of £130.  A Tesco spokeswoman commented on the mistake, stating that it was true that Ms Sansom was indeed given erroneous advice, but was adamant in stating that it was company policy to to cover repaints that are not one of the original options offered by the manufacturer.

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