Online car insurance quote provider refuses 25% of applicants

One online car insurance quote provider recently said that it refuses around one out of every four applicants, in a recent interview with the BBC.

Online car insurance company Ecar Insurance revealed the refusal figures in the wake of a BBC Radio 5 investigation of one customer complaining that they had been charged £75 but still refused cover by the firm.  The entire discount car insurance industry refusal rate is much lower than Ecar’s, according to figures provided by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association.

In response to the claims, Ecar has said that it follows standard industry practices in its complaints handling process.  The insurer also said that it conducts its customer information validation quite seriously.

The complainant in question, Tunbridge Wells native Ashley Bennett, had been looking for insurance cover for her Fiat Punto last month.  After conducting an online search, the 25 year old received a quote from Ecar and sent in her personal details to the insurer, only to be informed later that the firm had never received her documents.

Ms Bennett then once more submitted her details, making sure to receive an email confirmation from Ecar regarding the matter.  However, the 26 year old woman was contacted a few days later, informing her that her application had been refused because her documents had never been received.

Like other motorists that Ecar have refused, Ms Bennett was subject to a £75 fee even though the insurer declined to accept her application.  She had to scramble to find alternative cover, with the results being she was unable to drive her car until she had done so.

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