Motor car insurance provider finds Brits irate behind wheel

According to a recently conducted driver survey carried out by one motor car insurance provider, the majority of Brits have succumbed to rage whilst behind the wheel of their vehicles.

Cheap car insurance provider Admiral discovered that nearly 75 per cent of motorists surveyed had become irate with another driver at one time or another.  A more troubling figure was that 10 per cent have actually followed another driver, with nearly 25 per cent of drivers reporting being either assaulted or threatened by an incensed motorist.

However, the new survey results may do some good.  While car insurance companies will typically charge men more for insurance due to expectations that they will be more aggressive behind the wheel, the research study found that only 69 per cent of men felt anger behind the wheel, in comparison to 76 per cent of their female counterparts.

Instead, men were found to be more likely to express their anger through making threats, shouting, or gesticulating, which may be where insurers gained their erroneous expectation.  Men are also more likely to take physical action as well, with one in ten admitting to getting into a physical confrontation with another driver.

Other interesting results from the research study were that 42 per cent of motorists do not consider themselves angry in everyday encounters, even though they admitted to becoming annoyed and frustrated whilst on the road.  The results have prompted insurance experts to speak out, with one such industry insider  stating that they were quite shocked to hear the news, stating that driving can seemingly bring out the Mr Hyde in all of us, despite an otherwise calm and collected demeanor.

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