Check your tyres to save on motoring costs, experts say

Motor car insurance customers can save on motoring costs by checking their tyres, according to one road safety group.

Between the rising cost of fuel and increasing annual car insurance rates, drivers are finding themselves paying increasingly more and more in order to keep their vehicles on the road.  However, there are ways to save money if you can’t find low cost car insurance, and making sure that your tyres are inflated properly is one way to not just save on motoring costs but also to be safer behind the wheel.

Road safety group TyreSafe recently said that you can not only improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by conducting regular pressure checks on your tyres, but you can also reduce your carbon emissions as well.  The safety organisation made the announcement in the wake of newly revealed research findings that demonstrated how driving on under-inflated tyres will cost you more at the pump.

The research study found that the amount of petrol a car uses increases by approximately 2.5 per cent if the car’s tyres are under the recommended inflation level by ten pounds per square inch of pressure.  TyreSafe’s chairman commented on the findings, remarking that making sure to carry out regular tests will make your journeys safer as well as more efficient, as drivers are less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident with tyres that are inflated properly.

You can make significant road safety improvements by simply taking just a few moments every month to check each tyre’s pressure, the chairman said.  Checking and adjusting the pressure on all four tyres, which are the only part of the vehicle constantly in contact with the road, is one of the best ways to avoid safety issues, the chairman also said.

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