TSC chairwoman urges government action on car insurance rates

The Transport Select Committee chairwoman has recently urged the government to take steps to drive down car insurance rates for motorists suffering from the heightened costs of keeping a car, discount car insurance experts recently said.

TSC chair and Labour MP, Louise Ellman, recently said that too many drivers are finding it impossible to keep their cars on the road due to soaring motor car insurance premium prices.  Blaming claims management companies and fraudsters for the increased motoring costs, Mrs Ellman told the Commons that premium prices have gone up even though roads have become safer over the past few years.

The chairwoman said she had hopes that the Government can come to an agreement in regards to the set up of a cross-departmental working party in an effort to make insurance premium prices more affordable.  Mrs Ellman also hoped that this would help to address the growing unrest of those individuals that have no choice but to pay exorbitant insurance premiums rates.

According to the Labour MP, premium prices have risen by more than double since 2006.  The AA recently stated that the new current average price for a comprehensive insurance policy now stood at £921 for a year’s worth of cover.

Young drivers are especially suffering, Mrs Ellman continued, as their costs are substantially higher.  Young males in particular are the worst off, as price quotes as high as £3,000 have not been uncommon, she also said.

The TSC chair found it ‘remarkable’ that premium prices have increased so rapidly, especially because roads have become safer at the same time.  The number of serious injuries and fatalities on the road have come down significantly, she added, instead blaming claims management firms for increased premiums due to their encouraging people to make spurious claims.

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