Motor car insurance 5 times more than cost of uninsured fine

It was recently revealed that drivers in South Wales pay five times more for motor car insurance than they do in fines if caught driving without insurance.

According to new figures released by the Ministry of Justice, 3,484 of the region’s drivers paid an average fine of £185 for not having proper direct car insurance last year.  This £185 figure is an eye-watering £736 less than the price of annual comprehensive car cover, the AA said.

As a result of the new figures, motoring organisations and MPs have begun to call for stricter fines for those caught out without insurance, particularly because of estimates that say uninsured motorists raise honest drivers’ car insurance rates by around £30 a year.  Jonathan Edwards, Plaid MP for Dinefwr and Carmarthen East, stated that the government needs to not only increase fines for those caught persistently and knowingly driving without insurance, but to persuade the insurance industry to operate less as a cartel and more as a market.

Uninsured driving is the farthest from a victimless crime, according to one spokesman from the RAC.  Everyone ends up paying the price, the spokesman said, as premium prices go up across the board for all motorists as a result.

The AA also weighed in on the issue, with the motoring organisation’s representative, Ian Crowder, saying that uninsured driving fines are offensively low to someone who has suffered at the hands of someone driving without insurance.  However, Mr Crowder added that the true problem is that a ‘motoring underclass’ has emerged, as those getting behind the wheel without insurance have already been banned extensively and just go on to become repeat offenders.

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