Driving tests taken in UK fall by 5 per cent in 2011

The number of driving tests taken in the UK has dropped by 5 per cent between the months of April and August 2011 – which is equivalent to 640,000 tests, according to the Department for Transport.

This decline coincides with the massive increases to motoring costs, with drivers finding it harder and harder to find discount car insurance quotes.  The cost of motor car insurance increased by 2.7 per cent in Q2 2011, and these same prices represented a 24 per cent increase over 2010’s second quarter, the Department said.

Younger motorists are suffering the most at the hand of car insurance companies, as the average policy costs for a male motorists under the age of 20 exceeded the £4,000 a year price point for the first time ever.  Even more of a concern is that around 13 per cent of Brits know of someone that has gotten behind the wheel without taking their driving test and obtaining a driving licence, according to independent research from Confused.com.

Around 20 per cent of research respondents stated that they have not taken their driving test because they simply cannot afford it.  Confused.com’s car insurance head, Gareth Kloet, remarked that there is a direct correlation between insurance premium increases and the number of people failing to take their driving tests, a trend he called ‘worrying.’

The new data suggests that uninsured driving, which has always been a problem in the UK, is now being joined by not even taking your driving test to begin with in the pantheon of poor motoring decisions, said Mr Kloet.  People need to drive safely, the car insurance head added, as there are in excess of 28.5 million vehicles on UK roadways, and that both securing proper insurance cover and taking a driving test are necessary to keep motorists safe behind the wheel.

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