Whiplash adds £90 to car insurance rates on average

Even though car insurance companies have reported that the number of accidents occurring has declined, mounting incidences of whiplash are adding an average of £90 to the car insurance rates of honest drivers everywhere.

A so-called ‘whiplash epidemic’ has been gripping the discount car insurance claims industry, with £2 billion in claims being made every year.  Furthermore, despite a 16 per cent decline in the accident rate, whiplash claims have risen by one third over the past three years.

A recent survey of GPs discovered that 25 per cent of the 600,000 annually made whiplash claims are either over-diagnosed or outright false.  The survey findings were revealed at a London conference of insurers and doctors by the King’s Fund think-tank.

A bare minimum of 30,000 whiplash claims are completely false, according the Insurance Fraud Bureau.  The total cost of whiplash fraud is estimated at around £350 million every year, the Bureau also said.

Insurance providers say that some ‘ambulance-chasing’ lawyers and doctors are actively scamming the whiplash claims system due to a financial incentive to claims approvals.  The additional £90 tacked on to premium prices due to whiplash is comparative to the additional £40 from other types of fraud, insurers added.

The King’s Fund revealed findings that showed in excess of 47 per cent of UK medical professionals believe there are serious flaws inherent in the current claims system, leading to diagnoses of whiplash being encouraged to promote the maximum financial gain.  A think-tank spokesman remarked that the UK seems to have the most at-risk necks in the globe with more than 1,600 whiplash diangnoses every day.

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