Cheap car insurance for women may not be so deserved

Providers of discount car insurance for women may have a few things to say to their female customers after new research found women may be more prone to lying about the cause of a car accident than their male counterparts.

According to motor car insurance provider Young Marmalade, who conducted the research study, women are much more reluctant to own up to being the cause of a car crash if they are involved in one.  The research, which polled two thousand adult Brits, found that one out of every five female drivers blamed their accident on their vehicles, while an additional 31 per cent claimed the fault lied in other drivers, road conditions, and the weather.

Women also rated their driving abilities much higher than men do, with an overwhelming 94 per cent stating that they are excellent drivers.  Meanwhile, only 76 per cent of male drivers rated their driving ability the same, yet surprisingly enough men have traditionally experienced higher car insurance rates than women.

One out of every three male survey respondents stated that they will flash their lights and swear when faced with bad driving from other motorists.  However, 56 per cent of female drivers admitted to reacting the same way.

Drivers seem to have a problem with taking responsibility for their own faults when behind the wheel, as the types of excuses car insurance companies have been all about blaming others.  While some excuses have been relatively believable, such as a moth flying into one driver’s eye, others were less credible, such as blaming an accident on a bus that was running 15 minutes late, since the driver wouldn’t have collided with it if the bus had been on time.

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