Car insurance comparison site talks electric cars

One car insurance comparison site has recently commented on the distinct lack of uptake on new electric cars, despite government incentives of up to £5,000 in grant money towards the purchase of these vehicles.

For many environmental campaigners with high hopes that 2011 would be the electric car, their dreams seem to have been dashed by laclustre sales of these vehicles.  Only a little over 100 electric cars were purchased through the use of the funding grant scheme for ‘plug in’ car, which was less than 50 per cent of the 215 sales in Q2 and less than 25 per cent of the first quarter’s 465 electric car sales, according to motor car insurance industry figures.

Despite this 2011 sales slowdown, the year’s figures show significant gains vis-a-vis the previous year’s electric car sale, which only saw a total of 167 electric car puchases.  Hopes had been high that electric car sales would take off this year, as financial support from the government and the introduction of new electric charging points changed the UK landscape, yet car insurance companies and have only insured a total of 1,107 electric cars in total.

Some have laid the blame on not enough choice offered to British consumers, as there are only a handful of electric car models that are eligible for the government scheme, and even then the prices of these vehicles are still quite expensive in comparison to traditional petrol-powered cars.  Other popular models are not even available in the UK yet, with one example, the Toyota Prius, will not have a fully electric model available for sale until 2012 in the UK.

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