Can a smartphone app reduce your car insurance rates?

A smartphone app currently in development claims to not only incentivising driving safely by awarding safe drivers points but can also possibly save motorists £30 on their car insurance rates.

The new attempt at soothing the souls of the more aggressive motorists out there – something that car insurance companies would be eternally grateful for, as industry figures show incidences of road rage in the UK are on the rise – is the brainchild of a quartet of Irish students from the Sligo Institute of Technology.  The app keeps records of your motoring style, sends the gathered data for analysis in its cloud server, cross-references it against road condition reports, and then rates your driving behaviour with a report card of sorts.

The smartphone app keeps track of your throttle position, engine revs, and any g-forces the vehicle experiences, which allows it to compute whether you were a bit too aggressive taking that last bend.  It will also feature the inclusion of online leaderboards, which could result in younger drivers driving like old, experienced motorists in an effort to reach the top spot and beat out their mates – and discount car insurance providers could be willing to offer incentives to those most dedicated to driving the safest.

The four enterprising students are currently in search of corporate sponsorship in order to take their revolutionary smartphone app to the next level for wide distribution.  It is understood that software giant Microsoft may be considering either investing in the technology or perhaps even purchasing it outright, but no official news has been announced concerning any definite plans on the part of the global computer technology company.

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