Car insurance companies warn of new driving fine scheme

Car insurance companies have begun to warn their customers of a possible new driving fine scheme that could soon see the light of day.

Drivers may see some rather harsh fines in the future, as motor car insurance companies attempt to reduce the numbers of insurance claims and car accidents that involve company vehicles.  When an accident occurs, under the new scheme, the motorist will face a motor insurance excess or a fine as a penalty, though discount car insurance industry experts say that the new scheme could backfire, leading to more motorists attempting to cover up accidents.

Critics of the proposed scheme additionally said that many cars could end up being in potentially unsafe conditions on the nation’s roadways, with the possibility existing of major legal liabilities arising from such a practice.  Driver training needs will be harder to identify as well, detractors said.

One insurance company spokesman said that if motorists were to face fines for accidents where they were at fault, they may all begin to listing the cause not as a collision with another object but as ‘damaged while parked.’  The other alternative, the spokesman said, was for drivers to neglect to make any sort of claim at all.

Alternatives have already been offered as ways to curtail the issue, such as firms to issue fines to their business drivers for any reported incident, regardless of fault.  An excess system was also proposed where motorists must put money towards any accident-related costs, such as repair work.

However, such a process would require to be considered quite carefully, with motorists needing to be part and parcel to the decision in order to make sure their voices are heard, experts said.

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