Aviva says Paul Whitehouse responsible for recent growth

One of the largest general and car insurance companies in the UK recently attributed its rapid growth to an advert campaign that featured comedian Paul Whitehouse.

Insurance giant Aviva recently reported a sales increase of 12 per cent of its general insurance product lines, which include health, travel home, and motor car insurance products.  The discount car insurance provider attributed the sales figures to the influence of its recent marketing efforts which featured the former Fast Show celebrity.

Aviva remarked that, according to recently released insurance industry figures, it had overtaken Royal Bank of Scotland Insurance, owned by Churchill, as the largest UK general insurance provider.  Aviva stated that it had managed to gain share in several major UK insurance markets, adding that it would most likely meet its annual financial targets as well.

UK motor car insurance sales performed strongly, with the first three quarters of 2011 seeing a 23 per cent increase in net written premiums.  Aviva welcomed 318,000 new motorists into the fold in 2011, which brings its total motor insurance customer base to in excess of 2 million.

The increase follows on the heels of premium price increases throughout the entire UK market.  The company’s own customer numbers also surged, aided by its rolling out premium pricing directly to brokers, and pension and life assurance sales rose in the UK to £8.1 billion, a 6 per cent increase.

Aviva commented that its brand is continuing to deliver real benefits as individuals turn to trusted brands to satisfy their insurance needs in order to protect both themselves and their family members during this uncertain economic time.

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