Direct car insurance firm offering fee-free monthly payments

One direct car insurance provider has recently announced it will be offering drivers the opportunity to pay their premiums monthly with no fee.

Motor car insurance company Direct Line is offering customers who renew their current insurance with the company before 20 November a 90 day window to take them up on the offer of paying their premium on a monthly basis free of any surcharges.  This differs from the industry standard, as the majority of car insurance companies usually charge consumers who cannot pay their annual insurance premium up front as much as seven to ten per cent in fees.

This is not the first time the insurer has come forward with deals designed to give drivers ways to save cash on their annual premiums.  Direct Line’s newest money-saving offer is available in tandem with the discount car insurance provider’s long-standing offer in which it will provide a full year of insurance to its customers, but only charge them the cost of 10 months’ worth of insurance cover.

Insurance costs have been rising steadily since March of last year, with costs increasing by an eye-watering 40 per cent to March of 2011.  However, these massive inflationary increases may be tapering off finally, some industry experts say, pointing to figures recently released by the AA last month that there has been a rate increase slowdown compared to last year.

The AA found in its research study that, from September 2010 to the same period of time this year, annual prices had only increased by a factor of 16 per cent.  However, prices are still up for the year, which has led to many motorists trying to find ways to manage the cost of keeping their cars on the road any way they can.


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