Aviva tells motor car insurance customers to clean their garages

One motor car insurance company has recently said that more than two thirds of households in the UK need to make a few trips to the local jumble to get rid of their excess belongings because there’s not enough room to park their cars inside their garages.

Aviva found that the average household stores approximately £3,400 in miscellany within their garages, yet leaves their £13,500 car parked on the road or in their driveway.  The discount car insurance provider’s study, which surveyed 1,000 adults in the UK, discovered that about one out of every four Brits would park their car outside their garage, yet 41 per cent had worries concerning vandalism, theft, or burglary.

25 per cent of respondents admitted that it was too much of a bother to leave their cars in the garage.  However, an overwhelming 90 per cent said they would do so should their car be broken into or vandalised.

The main culprits for cluttering up garages were found to be men, as the research study discovered 68 per cent storing things such as gardening equipment, tools, or DIY materials within.  The clutter in garages in the UK has been leaving direct car insurance policyholders with no choice but to find other places to park, with one out of three stating that they find it difficult to secure on-street parking.

Industry experts say that car owners can rest secure in the knowledge that their vehicles are protected fully by parking their cars within a garage. With winter weather just around the corner, car owners also need to be aware that leaving a car outside and exposed to the elements can result in exposure-related damage that can result in high repair bills – and if you’ve told your insurer you keep your car garaged, they may not be particularly pleased with you for leaving it outside in the open.

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