Reduce car insurance rates by taking driving courses

For motorists looking for how to get discount car insurance quotes, experts recommend taking driving courses in order to reduce your car insurance rates.

Many different driving courses are available to the public, these experts say, and car insurance companies may reduce your premium prices if you take one of them.  Select insurers may reward a motorist’s dedication to road safety by reducing rates for him or her.

For motorists just starting out, the Pass Plus scheme being offered by the Driving Standards Agency may be an excellent choice.  Since the majority of new motorists have a dearth of experience operating a vehicle on motorways at night or in inclement weather, the scheme can offer this experience, along with other areas as well.

The course can result in lowered premium prices by two possible ways.  Not only do some insurers offer discounts to motorists upon completion of the course, but those drivers who have completed the course may be less likely to be involved in an accident, which can lead to them having an easier go of it building up their no claims bonus over time.

There are also courses available from motoring organisations for the more experienced motorists on the road, such as the Royal Society for the Prevention and Accidents and the Institute of Advanced Motorists.   Both organisations offer courses designed to instruct motorists in skills that are difficult to pick up through everyday driving, such as defensive driving and motor safety, and many insurers will offer discounts to drivers who have passed one of these examinations.

Experts say you should consult with your insurer to discover whether they offer any discounts to customers who take one of these motoring courses.

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