IAM says young males drive without insurance the most

One motoring organisation has recently discovered that young male motorists are the worst when it comes to driving without securing proper motor car insurance.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists said that this class of uninsured motorists, which are the bane of car insurance companies and their customers alike, spend around 3.7 million hours of driving time on the nation’s roads every month.

The director of the IAM stated that one of the key factors in the high incidence rate was how cavalier young male drivers are in their attitude towards disregarding motoring regulations.  Adding that, among these users of the road, there is currently a perception that they will be able to fly under the radar when it comes to going out and about without even discount car insurance, the director said that this perception must be dismantled and binned.

Younger drivers need to be convinced that the only way they can get behind the wheel is after they have their license and are completely insured, the director added.  He also issued the warning that while the incidence rates of injuries and fatalities on roads in the UK have been dropping, this does not necessarily mean that motorists that have recently qualified were driving more safely.

Industry experts agree that the lion’s share of safe, responsible younger motorists should receive support for their efforts.  These responsible drivers need to be made aware that the justice system and the police target those reckless few that disregard the law, and experts say that properly identifying this reckless minority is a priority problem, with a need for a better system to be implemented.

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