Despite rising prices, you can still find discount car insurance

Even though car insurance rates have been going up lately, industry experts say that you can still find discount car insurance if you’re dedicated enough.

The majority of Brits will look for a new motor car insurance policy right before their annual renewals are due, and car insurance companies have sat up and taken notice of this proclivity.  The insurance industry is becoming increasingly competitive, providers are keen to both attract new customers and retain their current ones, so whether your renewal quote has gone up or not, it can behoove you to compare rates of different providers to see where you can make the most savings.

Research findings say that more than 20 per cent of customers will switch insurers at renewal time, a figure that highlights just how competitive the market truly is.  When comparing different quotes, experts say you should estimate your yearly mileage, as the possibility of saving big on your insurance quote is quite real if you end up reducing the number of miles you’ll put on your car every year, but experts warn you need to keep your estimates as realistic as possible.

There are many ways to cut down on the miles you travel in a given year.  Two things to consider would be are simply to not make the daily commute to work every day by either sharing a ride with a colleague or taking public transport if available, while another tactic is to not make the school run every day yourself to pick up the kids  yourself but share the responsibility with another parent or two – and you can take the savings all the way to the bank.

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