Lowered speed limits may result in cheaper car insurance

With car insurance rates already exorbitantly high across the UK, many towns have adopted speed limit reductions to 20 mph, down from 30 mph, in an effort to encourage providers to give their residents cheaper car insurance.

Reducing town speed limits to 20 mph is nearly universally seen as a step in the right direction for obtaining discount car insurance quotes.  If more of the country would adopt these changes, experts say, not only would the number of road traffic accidents decrease, but motoring conditions would increase across the board.

Traffic flow would be eased at 20 mph, as a larger number of vehicles could occupy the road space as a result of shorter gaps in between each car.  Additionally, junctions would function more efficiently as motorists can merge into these shorter gaps as well, experts say.

Both shared transport and sustainable travel would be encouraged by lowered levels of road risk.  Meanwhile, professional drivers would especially benefit from cleaner air quality, as individuals who drive for a living are more often subject to in-car air, which has as much as three times the pollution as open air on the pavement.

As traffic flow smooths, standing traffic would reduce, which would result in a drop in the production of unnecessary exhaust fumes.  Less fuel would be wasted as a result of cars not having to accelerate as much, and less tyre and brake wear would see motoring costs drop – and with the price of petrol continuing to rise, any way Brits can control the cost of motoring needs to be capitalised upon, experts say, as many face being priced out of motoring due to inflationary cost of living increases.

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