Watch out for Hallowe’en damage, car insurance companies say

Home and car insurance companies recently warned to keep an eye out for damage to your property this Hallowe’en, as malicious damage has a higher likelihood to occur this time of year than any other.

Cheap car insurance provider Aviva recently said that, based on an entire decade of claims data, car thefts and damage done to cars rises by 20 per cent and 50 per cent respectively in the days between Hallowe’en Eve and Bonfire Night.  Home owners need to be even more aware, the insurer said, as home damage claims rise by a factor of 150 per cent during this week as well.

Guy Fawkes Night is flat-out the worst night of the entire year in regards to break-ins, as Aviva’s figures found burglary claims to rise by 28 per cent.  Last year, according to the home and motor car insurance provider, between 30 October and 5 November, the number of reported burglaries increased by a factor of 26 per cent in comparison with weekly averages for the other 51 weeks of the year.

Criminals seem to find it hard to resist the combination of mischievous occasions and darker nights such as occur on Bonfire Night and Hallowe’en, as vehicles and homes are more at risk than they are any other evening during the year.  The worst regions for burglaries were found to be in Northamptonshire and Strathclyde, where the authorities experienced 53 per cent and 57 per cent increases respectively, according to Aviva’s research.

Aviva property claims director, Rob Townsend, said that longer nights provide criminals increased opportunities to do their dirty deeds under cover of darkness.

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