Texting & driving dangerous, says car insurance comparison site

One car insurance comparison site recently said texting while driving is an incredibly dangerous activity, and backed up the statement with figures from the recent BlackBerry connection blackout last week.

Any owner of a BlackBerry mobile was most likely not pleased in the least by the three day blackout recently, which manufacturer RIM attributed to a faulty ‘core switch’ that had taken place in its facility in Slough.  However, one online car insurance comparison site discovered that, during the blackout, the number of traffic accidents that occurred in the United Arab Emirates, a country with a high number of BlackBerry customers, plummeted.

UAE capital city, Abu Dhabi, saw its road traffic accident rate drop by an amazing 40 per cent.  Other notable drops occurred in the most populous emirate, Dubai, where the accident rate dropped by 20 per cent.

UAE local authorities have drawn a correlation in between the road accident reduction and the BlackBerry blackout, as police in Abu Dhabi have currently been cracking down on motorists using their mobile phones behind the wheel, with the figures highlighting the seriousness of their message.  Back at home, it was recently reported by Brake, a road safety charity, that almost 30 per cent of UK motorists admitted to texting and driving, with nearly 10 per cent admitting to doing so at least once a week, which is highly troubling, as doing so has been proven to make motorists 23 times more likely to be the cause of an accident.

Anyone looking to keep their discount car insurance in the UK should know that motorists caught texting face points on their licence and a driving conviction.

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