Drink drivers still on road, discount car insurance provider says

There are hundreds of convicted drink drivers still roaming the nation’s roadways, according to research recently conducted by one discount car insurance provider.

Motor car insurance company LV= discovered recently, after submitting a Freedom of Information request, that out of the nearly 55,600 convictions for drink driving in 2010, almost 1,500 of these convictions, or around 3 per cent, did not result in the disqualification of these drink drivers, which means that they are still legally behind the wheel.  LV= additionally found that 2.6 per cent of these individuals were convicted of or cautioned on a drink driving offence within the same 12 month period, which meant that some of these people who have been caught drink driving are actually repeat offenders.

Some regions are more lenient than others when it comes to permitting drink drivers to continue to motor about, with the City of London and Suffolk being the worst for this, with 4.7 per cent of those facing drink driving convictions allowed to keep their licences – a fact which could result in higher car insurance rates for those living in those areas.  Meanwhile, Warwickshire and Cumbria were found to be the most strict, as only 1.3 per cent of those convicted of drink driving retained their driving privileges.

Selwyn Fernandes, managing director for LV= car insurance, said that being found to be operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcoholic beverages is a serious offence, and one that can lead to being disqualified automatically.  The managing director urged motorists to keep this law in mind before considering stepping behind the wheel after a few pints down at the pub.

In related news, LV= found this past September that 10,000 motorists were driving legally on UK roads even though they had earned enough points on their licence to have earned a ban.

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