1 in 7 Brits feel road rage, says motor car insurance co

According to the recently released survey findings from one motor car insurance company, one out of every seven Brits has experienced road rage, with 25 per cent of the UK population suffering from a threat or an assault from an enraged driver.

Congested roads within the nation’s cities were the most often places that road rage was found to occur, the discount car insurance provider’s survey indicated.  Road rage seems to not be gender specific, either, with men being just as prone as women to violent outbursts at the roadside.

The most level-headed drivers in the UK were found to reside in Scotland, as the rates of shouting, obscene gestures, violence, and threats were 5 per cent lower than in other parts of the UK.  The managing director for Admiral, the direct car insurance company that carried out the survey, said that road rage, which affects both men and women, unfortunately manifests itself in more ways than just gesticulating and shouting.

It seems that everyone knows at least one individual who can be as meek as a lamb the majority of the time, the managing director said, yet they can become all too easily incensed by the often innocuous actions of another motorist.  Driving can sometimes bring the Mr Hyde out of the Dr Jekyll, yet giving into your anger is pointless, she said, as doing so accomplishes nothing but giving yourself hypertension.

Around 76 per cent of female drivers admitted to feeling anger while behind the wheel, while 69 per cent of their male counterparts confessed to feeling the same.  However, men were found to tend to be more likely to vent their spleens by making threats, gesticulating, shouting, or even physically assaulting other drivers.

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