More deaths, higher car insurance rates, from no annual MoTs

Campaigners have recently said that any reduction in the legal requirements for yearly MoTs could not only result in higher car insurance rates but could result in excess of 250 more fatal road traffic accidents every year.

With discount car insurance quotes being so hard to come by, and in light of the recent petrol price increases, the Government is currently looking into any possible way it can control the cost of motoring for harried Brits.  One way it may seek to reduce the financial burden on drivers is to loosen annual MoT test requirements for cars three years old or older.

However, car insurance companies and road safety groups have expressed their concerns about any proposed changes, culminating in 25 motoring organisations joining forces to launch a new campaign to rule out frequency reductions for MoT testing in the hopes of swaying Transport Secretary Justine Greening.

Campaigners are concerned that reducing the testing requirements could result in more than 2,000 additional serious injuries to occur on an annual basis through permitting cars to be operated for longer periods of time with defects that could prove all-too lethal.  Other criticism leveled at the proposed testing frequency reduction is that it will not only result in repairs that could be more expensive, it could also lead to higher motor car insurance prices as well.

The coalition of motoring organisations remarked that the majority of drivers are in opposition to any changes done to the MoT.  Moreover, as many as 40,000 motoring industry jobs could be in jeopardy if these proposals go into effect, with apprenticeship positions hit the hardest.

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