West Yorkshire has highest number of uninsured drivers

With 17 of the postcodes being notorious for motorists without even discount car insurance situated in the West Riding or West Midlands region, West Yorkshire has been classified as having the highest number of uninsured drivers.

Five of these 17 postcodes are located within Bradford, according to official figures.  This means that the region is plagued with 7 times the number of drivers that get behind the wheel without motor car insurance than the UK average.  There are 34 million vehicles on British roadways, and with an estimated 4 per cent of them being driven in an illegal manner, this means that there are 1.4 million vehicles across the UK, with honest motorists paying the price in the form of higher car insurance rates.

Reckless motorists who take to the roads without proper insurance and then get involved in accidents mean that the honest driver faces an additional £30 on their premium prices in order to counteract the difference.  In an effort to crack down on uninsured driving, this past June saw new regulations go into effect where it is now compulsory to either insure every car you own or submit a Statutory Off Road Notification, and the police have been enforcing the new regulations by seizing any and all vehicles not in compliance with the new rules.

With the Bradford region bearing such an abnormally high concentration of drivers without insurance, police have had to work doubly hard in order to weed out and apprehend these illegal drivers.  1,100 cars have been seized in Bradford alone since the legislation went into effect this past June, which works out to a sum of 6 vehicles every day.

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