Car insurance comparison site ranks drivers by profession

One car insurance comparison site recently conducted a research survey in order to discover the correlation between jobs and car insurance rates, discovering that airline pilots pay the least prices – and party DJs pay some of the highest premiums.

The average 747 pilot was found to pay the cheapest, at around £321 for annual insurance.  Meanwhile, the owner of a mobile disco is at a distinct disadvantage if they’re looking for discount car insurance quotes, as their average premium price found to be was £6,810 a year.

A motorist’s profession is just one of a number of risks that can factor into insurance premium prices, with others such as driving history, type of car, location, and age usually bearing greater weight – but some lines of work seem to be judged as particularly prone to risk by car insurance companies.

Apprentice professional footballers were considered just slightly less risky than mobile disco owners, according to the comparison site, with an average premium price of £6,264.  The referees of football matches are also subject to rather steep premium prices, with an average premium price of £3,679.

Both toy makers and china restorers were found to be only slightly riskier than airline captains.  Meanwhile, a profession that many would think would carry quite a bit of inherent risk – travel guide writers – bucked the trend by finishing right underneath the top three for cheap premium prices.

The comparison site remarked that motorists who have had a significant change in the type of work they perform on a daily basis should inform their insurer, as it could result in cheaper premiums if their new position is less statistically risky than their former role.

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